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Danielle Veenstra innovation in almond orchard

Das Almond Board of California investiert 4,8 Millionen Dollar in die Erforschung der Farm der Zukunft

Sacramento, Kalifornien, 5.
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Schale mit Mandeln

Studie belegt: Mandeln machen „gutes“ Cholesterin noch besser

Modesto, CA (Oktober, 2017) – Eine neue Studie der Penn State University (USA), finanziert vom Almond Board of…
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zwei Frauen Schale mit Mandeln Snack von Kaliforniern

CALIFORNIA ALMONDS: AUF DEM DEUTSCHEN MARKT GEHT DIE SONNE AUF Almond Board of California startet neue Snackkampagne

„Snack die Sonne Kaliforniens" ist eine 4,5 Millionen US-Dollar Kampagne, die im Oktober 2017 startet.
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Green almonds find specialty food niche

The almond as most know and love is a ubiquitous, versatile nut featured in countless recipes, candies and snack forms…

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Almond Board commits $4.7 million to research

On a day that marked both National Almond Day and National Innovation Day, it was only fitting that the Almond Board of…

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Can Almonds Become a Zero Waste Crop?

The Almond Board of California (ABC) has announced it is currently looking for ways to optimize almond co-products such…

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Almond Board’s Sustainability Program Gets Even Better

The Almond Board has set a new standard for the Ag industry, according to Joe Browde, a senior research associate for…

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Leverage Winter Rain For Almond Irrigation

Terry Prichard is a retired Cooperative Extension Irrigation Water Management Specialist from UC Davis.  He was…

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Continued strong exports are essential to California’s almond industry

“We’re anticipating a fairly significant increase in production in the next three to five years,” said Julie Adams,…

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Almond Board of California Says, “We Want Our Consumers to be More Savvy Snackers”

Almonds are the number one nut in new introductions in Europe, as reported by FoodIngredientsFirst on 11th Nov, with a…

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