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Almond Board of California Says, “We Want Our Consumers to be More Savvy Snackers”
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Almonds are the number one nut in new introductions in Europe, as reported by FoodIngredientsFirst on 11th Nov, with a 48% regional share and a new record high of 42% globally. Germany, UK and France follow the US as the top leading countries introducing new almond products. With 4,313 new almond products, Europe saw a double-digit growth of 16% increase in 2015. 

This is the first time almonds have taken the top spot in Europe with the lead being particularly driven by increased consumer demand in the snacks and bars sectors as well as growing interest in lactose-free and gluten-free - the leading health claim in UK almond introductions. Almonds fit a lot of new trends and the demand for almonds can also be attributed to their role as natural, nutrient-rich ingredients with appealing taste and crunch and extensive versatility as well as their consistently safe, stable supply. 

FoodIngredientsFirst caught up with Richard Waycott (pictured above), CEO of the Almond Board of California, who discussed the current market trends for almonds. “Having been with the Almond Board for the past fourteen years, I have seen many different new areas of innovation and market opportunities, some of which can be quite challenging for us,” says Waycott.  

“Consumer demand is strong and growing globally and our shipments are quite diversified, with the European Region and Asia being the two largest markets outside of the U.S. On the agricultural and environmental side, we are investing heavily in ensuring that we are sustainable and that almonds are the preferred crop in California for this century,” he notes. 

The Almond Board of California is aiming to educate their consumers about the nutritional benefits of almonds. “Everything that we do at the Almond Board has a long term view for our industry, certainly for our consumers,” claims Waycott. They have been monitoring trends “very closely”, and have been pleasantly surprised by many of the findings. 

Über das Almond Board

Kalifornische Mandeln sind ein natürliches, vollwertiges sowie qualitativ hochwertiges Nahrungsmittel. Das Almond Board of California repräsentiert die über 7.600 Mandeln anbauenden und verarbeitenden Betriebe, von denen viele seit Generationen im Familienbesitz sind, und unterstützt die Mandelwirtschaft durch einen forschungsbasierten Ansatz in allen Aspekten des Marketings, Anbaus und der Verarbeitung. Die im Jahre 1950 gegründete Non-Profit-Organisation mit Sitz in Modesto, Kalifornien, überwacht die Einhaltung der von den Mandelbauern beschlossenen Gewerbeverordnung (Federal Marketing Order) und unterliegt der Aufsicht des US-amerikanischen Landwirtschaftsministeriums (United States Department of Agriculture). Für weitere Informationen über das Almond Board of California oder Mandeln besuchen Sie www.almonds.de oder Facebook. Instagram.