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Almond Board commits $4.7 million to research
Almond Board |

On a day that marked both National Almond Day and National Innovation Day, it was only fitting that the Almond Board of California celebrated the occasion with a $4.7 million commitment to 82 independent, third-party research projects exploring next-generation farming and sustainability practices. “This commitment helps ensure that almond farmers and the industry as a whole have the tools to implement sustainable production practices that result in a plentiful, nutritious and safe food product for consumers the world over to enjoy,” said Almond Board Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Gabriele Ludwig. Commitments of this magnitude are not new to the almond industry, according to Ludwig, who said that the Almond Board has funded $60 million in research for over 40 years. Funding over the years has covered a wide range of subjects from irrigation efficiency to air quality to honey bee health. This year’s research projects will include 17 dedicated to irrigation improvement with an investment of $1.3 million and 11 focused on major factors impacting honey bee health with a commitment of nearly $400,000.

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Les amandes de Californie sont un aliment naturel, sain et riche en nutriments. La Collective des Amandes de Californie soutient les cultivateurs par une approche de production et de marketing basée sur la recherche au nom de plus de 7,600 producteurs et transformateurs d’amandes en Californie dont la plupart sont des entreprises familiales. Créée en 1950 et basée à Modesto, en Californie, la Collective des Amandes de Californie est une organisation sans but lucratifqui gère l'Office Fédéral des Producteurs d'Amandes (Federal Marketing Order), sous la supervision du ministère de l’Agriculture des États-Unis.
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