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Terry Prichard is a retired Cooperative Extension Irrigation Water Management Specialist from UC Davis.  He was one of the Almond Conference speakers involved in the “Good Irrigation Water…
Les medias en parlent
The Almond Board has set a new standard for the Ag industry, according to Joe Browde, a senior research associate for Sure Harvest, which is working with the Almond Board towards sustainability. It…
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Sacramento, CA (December 16, 2016) – California Almonds, the state’s leading agricultural export, are also an economic powerhouse, adding $11 billion to the state’s economy and providing 104,000 jobs…
Food Art: Almonds Love Bees A message calling out the mutually beneficial partnership between almonds and bees created using fruits and almonds. Image styling by The Meringue Girls
Almond kernel, almond hull, and almond shell.  
For decades, the California Almond industry has utilized almond coproducts in a responsible, sustainable fashion, often yielding secondary benefits. However, recent market shifts are forcing changes…