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Focused on Growing Good, the California Almond Community Commits to New Goals

(MODESTO, Calif.) Producing 80 percent of the world’s supply of almonds, California’s almond farmers and…
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almond orchard in bloom

Almond Board of California Fueling Innovation with $6.8 Million Research Investment

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Scientific Review Shows Almonds Help Maintain and Even Improve HDL, while Lowering LDL

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13 ways to use Almonds

In Place of Junk Food: Almond can be wonderful and a healthy substitute for junk food. Replace your bad of potato chips…

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Know the benefits of eating almonds

Almond is a very delicious dry fruit. It is also very beneficial for our health. Do you know that if you eat almonds,…

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Here’s how you can lose weight with almonds!

Nuts have this bad reputation of being high in fats and calories, which is just the opposite of what you be having…

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8 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Include Almonds In Your Daily Diet

Almonds or as we Indians call it 'Badam' are among the world's most popular tree-nuts. They are one of the healthiest…

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Benefits of Almonds

Benefits of Almond | Top 10 Healthy Benefits of Almond Nuts 1. Reduce Risk of Heart Attack Rich in Monounsaturated…

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Know how soaked almonds help you to get healthy

Often we have come to hear that eat dry fruits, because everyone knows that it is very beneficial. They have many…

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Health: Benefits Of Eating Almonds

Almond is one of the most nutritious nut which is a vital source of various essential vitamins and minerals. Almond…

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