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Focused on Growing Good, the California Almond Community Commits to New Goals

(MODESTO, Calif.) Producing 80 percent of the world’s supply of almonds, California’s almond farmers and…
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almond orchard in bloom

Almond Board of California Fueling Innovation with $6.8 Million Research Investment

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Scientific Review Shows Almonds Help Maintain and Even Improve HDL, while Lowering LDL

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Here’s how almonds are good for heart health

Staying healthy and fit doesn't need much of an effort, you just need to adapt a healthy lifestyle and go for a healthy…

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Here's why you should eat more almonds!

When one plans to stay fit and healthy, deciding upon the meal plan becomes important so that one can follow through…


Almond Benefits: From Weight Loss To Improved Heart Health, 5 Reasons To Eat More Almonds

Crunchy, nutty and delectable almonds are a treasure trove of essential nutrients. For most people, it is a common desi…

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Lesser known tips every diabetic patient must follow

Here are a few tips for diabetics to follow for a better health: Maintain your weight and waist circumference:…

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13 ways to use Almonds

In Place of Junk Food: Almond can be wonderful and a healthy substitute for junk food. Replace your bad of potato chips…

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Know the benefits of eating almonds

Almond is a very delicious dry fruit. It is also very beneficial for our health. Do you know that if you eat almonds,…

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Here’s how you can lose weight with almonds!

Nuts have this bad reputation of being high in fats and calories, which is just the opposite of what you be having…

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