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Almonds Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly, Here Is How
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Tanya Malik 

Almonds are great for your brain, your heart but do you know it’s great for weight loss too? Yes, almonds are believed to be great for your overall health but they are beneficial for weight loss too. They are loaded with good fats, nutrients and lots of fiber that makes them a great remedy for losing weight. Make almonds a part of your everyday diet if you want to lose weight quickly. Read on to know how almonds help you lose weight. 

They Have Healthy Fats

For weight loss, you need to stay away from fats but not good fats. Your body needs healthy fats to function. Almonds are rich in healthy fats like omega 3, omega 6. These healthy fats help in preventing the building up of bad cholesterol in your body, they also keep your blood sugar levels in control. Munch almonds when you feel like eating because they are better than all the junk food that you binge on. They are way better than those unhealthy foods which are full of trans fats and saturated fats. 

They Are Rich In Protein

You must have heard of taking a high protein diet in order to lose weight. What better than adding almonds to your diet? Yes, almonds are rich in protein. Before heading for your workout, you can carry a handful of almonds with you. They give you the much-required energy to workout in the gym and also keep you full for longer. Also, the high protein content in almonds is said to be beneficial in giving you a lean muscle mass. 

They Are Loaded With Fiber

A high fiber diet is recommended to all those who wish to lose weight. Almonds have a high amount of dietary fiber. More fiber in your diet means better digestion and a better bowel movement. This means that no fats will get accumulated and will digest properly. This also prevents bloating. 

They Have Mono-Saturated Fats

Almonds are loaded with mono-saturated fats which reduce your body mass index (BMI). They particularly work on your belly fat. 

Full of nutrients, almonds help in maintaining your body weight. They keep your full for long, build your muscle mass and give your loads of energy to work through the day. You can have them roasted or add them to your everyday food items like your oats, salad or yogurt. If you want to lose weight quickly, start adding almonds to your diet!

About the Almond Board of California

Almond Board of California in India
India has a rich and long standing tradition of almond consumption. The Almond Board of California celebrates this tradition and looks at the county as a market of great potential and importance. This is a reason for the board to continue to invest resources to run and support an active marketing, trade and market access programme in the country.

By the means of this programme, the board aims to build awareness around the multiple nutritional benefits of consuming almonds every day post validating them through learnings obtained from various nutrition researches.

To achieve this and as a part of the India programme, Almond Board of California engages with consumers, health care professionals, importers , food companies, government and regulatory agencies within the country.