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Focused on Growing Good, the California Almond Community Commits to New Goals

(MODESTO, Calif.) Producing 80 percent of the world’s supply of almonds, California’s almond farmers and…
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Almond orchard during bloom

Almond Board of California Announces 2019 Election

MODESTO, Calif. — The Almond Board of California (ABC) announced Jan.
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Waycott, King and Ross

The 46th Almond Conference Walks the Line Between Education and Entertainment

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — More than 3,900 almond growers, processors and allied industry members met in Sacramento, Dec…
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Almond Board Funds UC Davis Research on Cultivating Larvae as Animal Feed.

The Almond Board of California has committed to nearly $7 million in research investment this year, including one…

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What's It Like to Work on an Almond Grove?

In the final installment of Quick and Dirty Tips’ Faces of Farming series, Nutrition Diva talks with almond grower…

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Almond Hull Byproducts as a Casing Amendment Material in Mushroom Cultivation

By Allison Flynn and William Orts, Bioproducts Research Unit, Western Region Research Center, US Dept. of Agriculture;…

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It’s dusty work, but we’re figuring out how to make the air cleaner

(The Modest Bee; UVPD 35,905) –Over the past decade, the Almond Board of California has invested in research to develop…

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Turning off the Spigot: Can Almond Tree Varieties be Watered Differently?

Almonds constitute one of the area’s top crops;and everyone is anxious about the next water shortage and its effects on…

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How to Meal Prep Without Food Waste

Since meal prepping sometimes happens a little later than I expect it, I love to buy frozen fruits and veggies, as well…

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From Almond Husk Sugar to Nutritious Okara Flour: High-Value Ingredients from Food

The Almond Board of California is exploring the untapped potential of almond hulls, husks and twigs which are currently…

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