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handful of almonds

New Study Demonstrates That Snack Swaps with Almonds Could Lead to Huge Nutrition Benefits

A new study[1] that evaluated the potential effects of replacing typical snack foods with almonds and other tree nuts shows that this simple swap would decre

// Nutrition & Wellness
Green Almonds

2 Billion Pound Almond Crop Predicted to Grow

Today, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service issued the first of two California Almond Forecast reports, the // About the Almond Industry

Almond Orchard

California’s Almond Acreage Grows More Than a Healthy Nut

Today, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service issued its official report on California’s almond acreage, showing an increase in 2016.

// About the Almond Industry


Beekeepers build high-tech storage to improve hive survival

Idahoan beekeepers have invested in purchasing facilities for bee storage during the state’s cold winters. Beekeeper…

// Almond Bloom and Bees

Bee industry buzzing: Stolen hives recovered in California

The bee industry is buzzing over the arrest of a man accused of stealing thousands of hives worth nearly $1 million…

// Almond Bloom and Bees, About the Almond Industry

Techies and tractors: Silicon Valley’s next big thing is saving water

Oakland-based startup Ceres Imaging is partnering with farmers and ag organizations to maximize water and fertilizer…

// Environmental Sustainability, Accelerated Innovation Management

Gemperle Farms sees multiple benefits of cover crops in almonds

Christine Gemperle doesn’t like bare orchard floors in her almonds. “I’m a big proponent of having green stuff…

// Almond Bloom and Bees, Environmental Sustainability, About the Farmers

Almond industry making strides to reduce harvest dust

Almond harvest is a busy and satisfying time. Efforts of the year are brought to bear, and growers enjoy the fruits…

// About the Almond Industry, Accelerated Innovation Management

CATCH THE BUZZ – Study: Wildflower Plantings Near Almond Orchards Beneficial

Research published in Environmental Entomology says wildflower plantings near almond orchards does not cause fewer…

// Almond Bloom and Bees, Accelerated Innovation Management

Successfully Rebranding Agribusiness: Monte Vista Farming Company

Growing up in Ag—the agriculture industry—means your perception of how a workday goes is vastly different from a…

// About the Almond Industry, About the Farmers