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Almond Board of California 2018 Election Results

The names of the following nominees have been submitted to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for selection:…
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Own This Almond Day and Beyond with a Nutrient-Rich Snack as Your Sidekick

There’s a lot of stuff to do every day. Yep, no news there. Getting through it all is part of our everyday routine.
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2018 leadership team picture

Next Generation of Leaders Gets Yearlong Almond Immersion

Almond Board of California (ABC) has unveiled its 2018 Almond Leadership Program class.
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Almond Tree Blossoms in Madera


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10 Years, 0 Salmonella Outbreaks

In 2017, ABC marked the 10-year anniversary of its mandatory almond pasteurization program – and, most importantly, 10…

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Almond Board of California achieves key sustainability rating

Its benchmarking achievement under the global Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform, combined with US and…

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Almond Pollination Season Underway in the Central Valley

Jimmy Gardiner is a local almond farmer and beekeeper. He does both because, without bees, there can be no almonds.…

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The Outlook for Innovation with Almonds – Almond Board of California

“We take a very holistic approach in terms of the research that we fund to support our growers and our crop,” says…

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The 3-day short-notice workout plan to get a lean body as quickly as possible

Choose nutritious snacks like almonds, or fresh fruits like grapes or apples, throughout this three-day process to help…

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Americans Are Going Nuts for California Almonds

Consumers around the world are going nuts for almonds. Sales of almond milk alone have grown 250% in recent years. With…

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