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Next Generation of Leaders Gets Yearlong Almond Immersion

Almond Board of California (ABC) has unveiled its 2017 Almond Leadership Program class, a group of 18 future leaders representing nearly every aspect of the industry: growers, processors, suppliers, retailers and pest

// About the Almond Board
almond bloom

Almond Board of California Addresses Impact of Fungicide Iprodione on Honey Bee Health in Honey Bee Best Management Practices

The Almond Board of California values peer-reviewed research that brings forth new information to help the almond industry better understand honey bees and how farmers can support their health, including the new study

// Almond Bloom and Bees


Almond huller’s solar panels make efficient use of land

A triangle of land is doing double duty at Cortez Hulling, which takes the hulls off almonds at a plant near Ballico…

// About the Almond Industry, Environmental Sustainability

Jen’s 5 Food Rules

Carpe PM spokesperson Jen Widerstrom’s shared her 5 Food Rules in the March 2017 issue of Muscle & Fitness…

// Nutrition & Wellness

Tips to Maximize Water Efficiency in Your Almond Grove

Editor’s note: Spencer Cooper joined the Almond Board of California last fall as Senior Manager, Irrigation and…

// Environmental Sustainability, Accelerated Innovation Management

Green almonds find specialty food niche

The almond as most know and love is a ubiquitous, versatile nut featured in countless recipes, candies and snack…

// About the Almond Industry, About the Farmers

Water wizards: Building an underground savings account to bolster water supply

If the sight of this winter's torrential rains left you pining for a way to capture the precious overflows, you are…

// Environmental Sustainability, Accelerated Innovation Management

For Jen Widerstrom, Fitness Starts With Healthy Eating

Carpe PM spokesperson Jen Widerstrom explained that fitness starts with healthy eating during an interview with…

// Nutrition & Wellness

Why California Almonds Are Thriving

Current predictions are that California will receive roughly the same amount of precipitation in coming years, with…

// Environmental Sustainability, Accelerated Innovation Management