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State Water Board Decision Threatens California Farms, Communities

As multi-generational farmers, many of whom live, work and raise their families on the land, the California almond…
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almond clusters

Almonds Represented 41 Percent of Nut Introductions in New Products Worldwide in 2017

According to new data from Innova Market Insights, almonds continue to lead new product introductions worldwide.1
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USDA Estimates Record-Breaking 2018 Almond Crop

MODESTO, Calif. – Despite concerns earlier in the year about freezing weather during almond bloom, careful management…
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How to Meal Prep Without Food Waste

Since meal prepping sometimes happens a little later than I expect it, I love to buy frozen fruits and veggies, as well…

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Almonds Gain Greater NPD Traction

With the latest research and live demonstrations, ABC’s industry and culinary experts were available to address…

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From Almond Husk Sugar to Nutritious Okara Flour: High-Value Ingredients from Food

The Almond Board of California is exploring the untapped potential of almond hulls, husks and twigs which are currently…

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The Way Victoria Arlen Starts Every Morning Will Make You Rethink Your Routine

I love breakfast. My go to is one-quarter cup of oatmeal, three egg whites, a handful of blueberries, and a scoop of…

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Best beach foods and snacks

"I love Triscuits or any hearty whole-grain cracker sandwiched with almond butter and fresh raspberries, or with banana…

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5 Women Reveal the Morning Routine for Work That Brings Them Peak Productivity

Breakfast: Coffee with eggs and smoked salmon or almond butter toast. "Coffee (a must) and something that will keep me…

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For Farmers, Being Creative With Water Is a Way of Life

Within California’s almond industry, the sufficiency of water and its efficient use is a constant area of focus. After…

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