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2017 Marks a Decade of Protecting Public Health Through Mandatory Almond Pasteurization

MODESTO, Calif. – (Nov.
// Quality and Food Safety
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California Almond Crop Projected to Increase 5.1 Percent

MODESTO, Calif., July 6, 2017 – This year’s California almond crop is forecasted to exceed 2 billion pounds, according…
// About the Almond Industry
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California Almonds Continue to Inspire New Products Worldwide

Las Vegas, NV – According to new data from Innova Market Insights, California almonds were the number one nut used in…
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Use the Off-Season to Your Orchard’s Advantage

“At the end of the long season, unfortunately there is plenty to, do,” he says. “The days are getting shorter,…

// About the Farmers

Fresno State Demonstrates Efficient Sprayer, Irrigation Technology

Rob Willmott, Fresno State's orchard manager, saw an immediate savings in time and chemicals used with technology he…

// About the Farmers, Environmental Sustainability

Post-Harvest is Prime Time for Irrigation System Maintenance

Efficiency is key to ensure all post-harvest irrigation tactics are complete before the end of the season. When…

// About the Farmers

Almond Board CEO Talks About Group’s Mission

Richard Waycott is president and CEO of the Almond Board. He noted that he’s proud to be part of this massively growing…

// Environmental Sustainability

California Almonds Continue to Inspire New Products Worldwide.

“Manufacturers have long been tasked with tackling innovation in new food products, as consumer demand continues to…

// Health Benefits

Tracy’s Growing Almond Harvest

Mike Sandhu, whose family is a major grower and shipper of almonds in the Tracy area, reports that the local harvest,…

// About the Almond Industry, About the Farmers

Almond growers anticipate another record as harvest begins

Growers in the Golden State expect to harvest 2.25 billion meat pounds this year, a more than 5 percent increase from…

// About the Almond Industry