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handful of almonds

New Study Demonstrates That Snack Swaps with Almonds Could Lead to Huge Nutrition Benefits

A new study[1] that evaluated the potential effects of replacing typical snack foods with almonds and other tree nuts shows that this simple swap would decre

// Nutrition & Wellness
Green Almonds

2 Billion Pound Almond Crop Predicted to Grow

Today, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service issued the first of two California Almond Forecast reports, the // About the Almond Industry

Almond Orchard

California’s Almond Acreage Grows More Than a Healthy Nut

Today, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service issued its official report on California’s almond acreage, showing an increase in 2016.

// About the Almond Industry


Local farmer using excess water to flood crops and improve his water table

An olive orchard at Terranova Ranch in western Fresno County is being flooded to recharge the aquifer. "We're seeing…

// Environmental Sustainability, About the Farmers, Accelerated Innovation Management

ABC’s Environmental Stewardship Tour delivers inside scoop on almonds

By John Duarte - -  Duarte Nursery was pleased to recently host the Almond Board’s Environmental…

// Environmental Sustainability, About the Farmers

California Almond Board picks Padilla to lead industry communications

The Almond Board of California has brought on Padilla to lead its industry communications program. The organization…

// About the Almond Board

Beekeepers build high-tech storage to improve hive survival

Idahoan beekeepers have invested in purchasing facilities for bee storage during the state’s cold winters. Beekeeper…

// Almond Bloom and Bees

Bee industry buzzing: Stolen hives recovered in California

The bee industry is buzzing over the arrest of a man accused of stealing thousands of hives worth nearly $1 million…

// Almond Bloom and Bees, About the Almond Industry

Techies and tractors: Silicon Valley’s next big thing is saving water

Oakland-based startup Ceres Imaging is partnering with farmers and ag organizations to maximize water and fertilizer…

// Environmental Sustainability, Accelerated Innovation Management

Almond industry making strides to reduce harvest dust

Almond harvest is a busy and satisfying time. Efforts of the year are brought to bear, and growers enjoy the fruits…

// About the Almond Industry, Accelerated Innovation Management