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Madera County grower Rogers uses new tech to grow crops
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Overlooking 175 acres of almond orchards that are utilizing advanced technology to irrigate and farm, sits a barn that was built in the 1870s. Tom Rogers and his brother Dan own the property that is a mix of the past and future of farming in California. The brothers inherited the property that was believed to be purchased by their grandfather in 1916. Yet, Tom Rogers credited his father for introducing his brother and himself to the benefits of technology being used to farm. “I give credit to our dad because he has had soil moisture probes since about, I think, the mid 80’s. So, I mean we have always looked at different ways of irrigating,” said Rogers. However, a scare that took place four years ago pushed Rogers further into the future of farming. After losing one of the ranch’s two wells, the brothers turned to alternative watering methods. “We were fortunate it was a mechanical failure and not that the hole went dry. But we were still without water for a full month and we had to experiment with moving water around,” Rogers said. “From that point it really opened our eyes to what possibilities are out there.”

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