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Almond Board Leadership Program to Cultivate Multifaceted Leaders
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The 21 participants chosen for the Almond Board of California’s (ABC’s) Almond Leadership Program for 2016 met for the first time earlier this year for their program orientation and kickoff…


Members of the Almond Leadership Program Class of 2016 gather at the Modesto Centre Plaza at their inaugural meeting.

Hive Removal in Almond Orchards: A Balancing Act
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With almond bloom winding down, it is vital growers track petal fall and crop development in their orchards so that bee hives are released to beekeepers and removed from the orchard at the optimum…

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All across California fields of almond orchards are white and pink with blossoms and bees are actively pollinating the crop. But this story isn’t about the pollination process; it’s about how…


The California almond community is acutely aware of honey bee health concerns and continues to take extraordinary steps to ensure bees remain safe and healthy, both inside their orchards and…

 Bees Buzz into California Almond Orchards for Bloom
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California almond bloom, typically from mid-February to mid-March, will be a welcome sight for some of the industry's most valuable partners. Honey bees will…

Whole Orchard Recycling — An Alternative to Burning, Cogeneration?
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As more cogeneration plants are shutting down, growers are being forced to consider alternative methods for dealing with tree biomass upon orchard removal. One of those alternatives is grinding up…

Almond Resources + Tools
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Almond Board of California (ABC) offers a variety of resources to help consumers and others learn about the California Almond industry.  The resources allow the public to follow along and…

Almond Almanac 2015

The Almond Almanac is the Almond Board of California’s annual report, which outlines industry statistics, programs and projects. Published on a crop-year basis (August 1 to July 31), the Almond…

Almond Industry Launches Major Strategic Effort to Accelerate Innovation and Sustainability
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Almond Board of California (ABC) today launched Accelerated Innovation Management (AIM), a major new strategic effort designed to make the almond industry even more efficient and sustainable…