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We interviewed Nick Gatzman, farm manager for Travaille & Phippen, here he talks about why almond orchards are an important first stop for honey bees after a long winter.

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// Almond Bloom and Bees
Les cultivateurs d'amande jouent un rôle majeur dans la résolution de la problématique des pertes d'abeilles
News Article

Though in most cases beehives have already left the orchard, almond growers can still play a vital role in understanding honey bee health impacts.

Over recent weeks there have been a…

Hive Removal in Almond Orchards: A Balancing Act
News Article

With almond bloom winding down, it is vital growers track petal fall and crop development in their orchards so that bee hives are released to beekeepers and removed from the orchard at the optimum…


The California almond community is acutely aware of honey bee health concerns and continues to take extraordinary steps to ensure bees remain safe and healthy, both inside their orchards and…

 Bees Buzz into California Almond Orchards for Bloom
News Article

California almond bloom, typically from mid-February to mid-March, will be a welcome sight for some of the industry's most valuable partners. Honey bees will…


Crunching into an almond, it’s hard to imagine the journey that little nut took to make its way to your mouth. Learn about almonds’ many stages, abundance of natural beauty - explore it all from…


The California Almond Story, from Bee to A. Meet our hero, 'Auntie Bee,' as she tells the story of the California Almond growing process to Little Bee. This is a captivating classroom learning…

Almond Board of California Announces $2.5 Million towards Water Efficiency, Bee Health and Farming
News Article

MODESTO, Calif., June 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Almond Board of California (ABC) announced a $2.5 million dollar commitment to independent, third-party research into next-generation…


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