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Almond Board of California has long been a research-based organization, funding production, environmental, almond quality and food safety, and nutrition research that has contributed to continuous…


Through the Almond Board of California, California's almond community has been investing in research on topics related to almonds' sustainability for several decades with a total investment of…

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On a drought-parched piece of land in California's Central Valley, farmer Don Cameron has persuaded other growers to do something counterintuitive. Flood their farms.

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California farmers are pumping groundwater faster than it can be replenished. One farmer is spending millions of dollars trying to restore it by deliberately flooding his crops when there is water…

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Sustainable Conservation is now working with the California almond growers to study how farmers might flood their orchards without hurting the trees. Tree fruit growers and grape farmers are also…

Water Use

An infographic on the amount of water used as compared to Californian fruit and nut trees.

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The Almond Board of California and Sustainable Conservation have launched an initiative to study the groundwater recharge potential on California’s million acres of almond orchards. The initiative…

Almond Industry and Sustainable Conservation Launch New Partnership to Explore Almond Acreage Groundwater Recharge Potential
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MODESTO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2015 -- The Almond Board of California and Sustainable Conservation, a conservation nonprofit that unites people to steward California's resources in ways that make…

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DAVIS, Calif. (KCRA) —Some California farmers will flood their field after this upcoming winter's storm to try to replenish the state's groundwater supply.

The Almond Board of California…


Crunching into an almond, it’s hard to imagine the journey that little nut took to make its way to your mouth. Learn about almonds’ many stages, abundance of natural beauty - explore it all from…