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Growing Good is an annual Almond Board publication that describes what sustainability means to the California Almond industry, highlighting our commitment to stewardship and journey of continuous improvement. The publication includes information on ABC's research programs, California Almond Sustainability Program and progress made across key areas such as water efficiency, coproduct utilization and honey bee health.

The Almond Orchard 2025 Goals Roadmap outlines the almond community’s continuous improvement journey in each of the goal areas, as well as metrics that the industry’s progress will be measured against.

The Almond Almanac is the Almond Board of California’s annual report and outlines industry statistics, programs and projects. Published on a crop-year basis (August 1 to July 31), the Almond Almanac includes comprehensive historical information about almond production, acreage and varieties, as well as shipment, market, and ABC program information.

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