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Water management is a complex issue in California. But we need to tackle it together

Of all the issues that have crossed Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk during his first 100 days in office, water might very well…

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Almond beer locally brewed at Temblor

What started as a class project is on the rise of becoming something bigger in Kern County. A new locally grown and…

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Could U.S. AG Take a Page from Almond Board?

Could U.S. ag take a page from almond board? by Todd Fitchette   Panel finds common ground with environmental…

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California Turns to Tech to Keep Pollinators, Pesticides Apart

California almond growers have started to use BeeWhere, a program powered by a geographic information system which…

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Here’s the Buzz on Disappearing Bees

As the world faces a declining bee population, California almond growers say they are doing their best to promote bee…

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Inside the California Almond Bloom | Fast Facts on Almonds and the 'Valley Snow'

From February to early March, the Central Valley sees a flurry of pink and purple petals come to life for the almond…

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