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Finding a Greater Use of Almond Byproducts

Almonds are having their moment right now. Between the hotly debated almond milk and almond butter or flour products,…

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BBC Future Reports on Water-Saving Tech Used by California Almond Farmers

What do NASA, almonds, JJ Ramberg and microsprinklers have in common? Each feature in the latest episode of BBC’s…

// About the Farmers

Almond beer locally brewed at Temblor

What started as a class project is on the rise of becoming something bigger in Kern County. A new locally grown and…

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Could U.S. AG Take a Page from Almond Board?

Could U.S. ag take a page from almond board? by Todd Fitchette   Panel finds common ground with environmental…

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California Turns to Tech to Keep Pollinators, Pesticides Apart

California almond growers have started to use BeeWhere, a program powered by a geographic information system which…

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