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Benefits of almonds: What are the health benefits of eating soaked almonds every day?
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Almonds are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to keep the body fit and healthy. They not only help to keep you fit but also prove beneficial for the skin. Eating soaked almonds daily help to stay fit and healthy. 

Let’s discuss how soaked almonds help to stay healthy and fit Helps in brain-functioning

Almonds help to improve the functioning of the brain. Being rich in healthy fats, a handful of almonds help to improve brain health. Not just this, they also help to make the memory strong and initiates brain development in children.

Almonds help to lose weight

Those who are struggling to lose weight must know that almonds can help them. Consuming a handful of almonds help to lose weight. Being rich in fiber, they help to keep you satiated for long. This prevents excess calorie intake. 

Almonds keep skin healthy

Consumption of almonds helps to nourish skin. Being rich in vitamin E, almonds help the skin to glow. It prevents the signs of aging on the skin and keep it supple.

Almonds prevent constipation

Those who suffer from the problem of constipation must consume a handful of almonds every day. They are loaded with fiber which helps to prevent the problem of constipation by supplying roughage to the body.

Keep heart healthy

In order to keep the heart healthy, one must eat almonds daily. They help to keep the level of cholesterol under check. Not just this, the presence of antioxidants in almonds prevent heart-related diseases.

About the Almond Board of California

Almond Board of California in India
India has a rich and long standing tradition of almond consumption. The Almond Board of California celebrates this tradition and looks at the county as a market of great potential and importance. This is a reason for the board to continue to invest resources to run and support an active marketing, trade and market access programme in the country.

By the means of this programme, the board aims to build awareness around the multiple nutritional benefits of consuming almonds every day post validating them through learnings obtained from various nutrition researches.

To achieve this and as a part of the India programme, Almond Board of California engages with consumers, health care professionals, importers, food companies, government and regulatory agencies within the country.